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Unleash Your Business, Develop It, And Manage It Efficiently​

Soft Thunder Solutions eliminates the need for many websites and saves you time and cost

Soft Thunder Solutions is ALL you need in an integrated system that gives you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed in your business.


One place for all correspondence and conversations

Track all your communications and conversations from all platforms (email, Facebook, Instagram... etc.) on one page.


Appointment calendar

An easy tool to seamlessly schedule and track your meetings and appointments.


Build and design your websites

Tools to create impactful websites and optimized sales funnels to increase conversions.



An effective tool to automate routine tasks and enhance efficiency.


Membership management

Feature to manage subscription-based courses and member privileges.


Posts management tool

Schedule and manage your posts on various social media pages for optimal engagement.

Reviews management

A comprehensive strategy designed to shape the public perception of the entity and to create a positive image of the product or service.

  • Enhances brand image and credibility

  • Reduces the impact of negative publicity

  • Boosts visibility and positive online presence

All reports & invoices in one place

A central system that collects, integrates and presents data from your various sources (websites and social media pages), providing a comprehensive overview of your operations, metrics and results.

  • It makes it easier to make faster, data-driven decisions

  • Saves time in compiling the report

  • Enhances data accuracy and reliability

CRM system for tracking and managing customers

A Customer Relationship Management system that integrates all CRM functions, from contact management to sales and customer service, into one easy-to-use tool.

  • Streamline operations with centralized data

  • Enhances customer satisfaction through personal service

  • Drive conversions with integrated sales tools

All the tools you need in one system

{{location.name}} is a comprehensive system that brings together the essential tools to manage, advance and expand your business, and makes it easy for you to access them all from one central control panel or through the mobile application (coming soon).

Packages and prices

Take your business to the next level with our rich packages and prices that match your needs.



A package for entrepreneurs that offers essential tools and features and includes:

  • 1 professional website

  • Dedicated domain

  • On site chatbot

  • Fast hosting

  • SSL certificate

  • Reviews management

  • 1 system admin

  • Managing social media pages on all platforms

  • CRM system (25 accounts)

£95/ €115



The Business Package provides enhanced capabilities to move to the next level and includes:

  • All “Entrepreneur” features

  • 2 system admin

  • 5 e-mail accounts

  • 150 CRM customer accounts

  • Calendar, appointment and booking system

  • WhatsApp service

  • Reporting system

£165/ €198



The package provides comprehensive tools and superior features for optimal business performance and includes:

  • All the "Silver" features.

  • 10 system admin

  • Unlimited # of CRM accounts

  • Billing system

  • Questionnaires and reports

  • QR Code generation tool

  • Generative AI tool

£238/ €284

  • The website creation & designing fee is £135 and is paid separately from the monthly subscription for one time only.

  • All packages provide the ability to add an unlimited number of sites for a £135 establishment fee and an additional £47 on the monthly subscription fee of the chosen package.

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What is the Post Management tool and how does it work?

The post management tool is one of the most important and most used tools.

The system administrator schedules all posts on all social media pages and determines the day and time the post is scheduled to be published so that it meets the desired goal and increases customer interaction and engagement because it appears at the appropriate time for them.

This saves time and effort on the system administrator to avoid dealing with many different platforms and page settings.

Can I link reviews on my Google account to my website?

Of course.. This is done dynamically, so that the reviews are updated automatically and appear on the site according to date.

What is the benefit of connecting WhatsApp to the system?

Connecting WhatsApp to the system provides the ability to do the following:

  • Sending payment links to the customer

  • Schedule sending letters/invoices to the customer at the time you specify

  • Access to WhatsApp conversations with other conversations on social media pages on one page within the system, thus facilitating communication with customers on various platforms.

What is the calendar and appointment booking system?

The calendar system provides an effective tool for organizing your time and the time of the clients and makes it easy for the customer to book an appointment according to the appropriate time for them to receive the service.

Unleash Your Business, Develop It, And Manage It Efficiently​

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